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6 Tons of Ivory Seized by the U.S.

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Khalid Mohieldin

CEO and Founder

Nathaniel Bauman


Aubrey Prime-Morales

Campaign Manager

Kingdom of Animalia was founded in early March of 2013, by a group of people dedicated to saving our world's wildlife. From then on, our work has developed into saving the lives of people, too, and conserving our natural habitats.

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Save the Arctic From a Huge Mistake!

Other countries participating as members of the Antarctic Treaty have a territorial interest in the Antarctic continent but the provisions of the Treaty do not allow them to make their claims while it is in force. In fact, no country, business, organization, or any other community is allowed any type of control over the Arctic, as it is not even a part of a continent-it is just a frozen ocean. But oil companies like Gazprom, Shell, BP, Exxon, Rosneft, and others are trying to get at the same fuels that is causing this Arctic "meltdown."In fact, of the 5 Oil Companies wanting to drill for oil in the Arctic, all 5 of them have been known for some of the most known and disastrous oil spills in history.

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Erdenebulgan Gelegbalsan 

Head Director of Bears Program

Zachary Berrenbaum

2nd Director to Canines Program, Head Director of Insects and Arachnids Program

Kaya Perkins

Head Director of Big Cats Program

Joy Bedford

Head Director of Birds Program

Ayat Faragalla

Doctor to Kingdom of Animalia

Grace McKinley

2nd Director to Bears Program

Francesca Montgomery

Head Director of Marine Species


Hannah Yoon

Head Director of Primates Program

Ethan Hanson

Head Director to Rodents Program

Spencer Stice

Director of Canines Program

Shaden Mohieldin

2nd Director to Marine Species Program


Alexander Acosta

Director of Reptiles Program

Sophia Pontenberg 

Director to Weasels/Raccoons Program