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What Makes This Species So Cute?

Posted by Khalid Mohieldin on January 6, 2014 at 1:40 PM
What Makes This Species So Cute?

Like most people, you probably thought the photo above was extremely cute and adorable. However, the photo below, you probably thought, was extremely disgusting. Why do our brains and bodies react differently to different species? Read more below to find out.

The Cuteness Factor of Each Species
As Homo Sapiens, we tend to like species that resemble humans and have human charecteristics. When see two elephants holding trunks (like the two below), that resembles a couple holding hands. Our bodies react to this by thinking that this extremely cute, cuddly, adorable, etc. This is similar to when animals "hug" or "kiss," or when animals bring presents for each other or their caretakers. Also, as mammals, we tend to only adore other mammal species. When you think of a mammal, there is a 93% chance you will think of a mammal. In addition, we like species taht look similar to us. Monkeys that have human-identical faces are extremely cute and cuddly to most.

The Ugly Factor
When we see non-mammal species such as reptiles and birds that have absolutely no relation to humans, we consider them ugly. This can be proved by looking at it like this: chimpanzees are almost identical to human faces, and they are considered cute to many. However, chameleons, with their bulging eyes, rough skin, small body, and constantly changing colors, are ugly to quite a bit. We also think a species is ugly when we know it's dangerous (this is mainly because poisinous and dangerous are known to look differently, but it also has to do with our emotional harmones). Pandas, believed to be harmless (though this isn't entirely true) are adored by many. Snakes, on the other hand, known to be poisinous and dangerous, are both ignored and frightened by many.

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