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Conserving Our World's Wildlife

LDF Donates $3 Million to WWF to Help Save Tigers Worldwide.

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The core of Kingdom of Animalia's mission is to help protect endangered species. Because they don't have a voice-but we do.


Kingdom of Animalia has been working to protect wildlife since its founding. Kingdom of Animalia has protected such iconic species such as the Mountain Gorilla, the African Lion, the Black Rhinoceros, etc. All of our work has led up to a thriving planet with thriving species.

Kingdom of Animalia has led people to choosing healthier lifestyles in order to protect wildlife. We have helped conserve the forests in which species live in. But Kingdom of Animalia's work is nowhere near finished, as we are protecting species by the day.

What We're Doing

Projects and Initiatives: 

Kingdom of Animalia's first official project was Project African Lion, founded on July 21, 2013. The project's aim was to study the 15 African countries that lions were extinct in and determine which habitats lions could adapt to and hopefully return them to the countries. Later, Project Gray, our 2nd official project, was made because of the issue involving de-listing the Gray Wolf. And when lemurs were shown to go extinct in twenty years unless drastic measures were taken, Kingdom of Animalia automatically took step and created Project Lemur. All of our projects' aims are to somehow and someway help a certain species or habitat from extinction. And most of Kingdom of Animalia's projects have met their expectations. You can help Kingdom of Animalia save species, too. Just becoming a member or subscribing can really help.  

Awareness Campaigns:

Kingdom of Animalia has led the world into helping wildlife right at home. We've created many campaigns that involve regular people stepping up for those who have no voice. Kingdom of Animalia has created petitions that can only achieve victory with the likes of regular people like you. For example, the Good Wood Campaign asks regular people to buy only "Good Wood" (paper products that have been marked by the FSC label). Also, Kingdom of Animalia has asked regular people to sign petitions involving the protection of species. So, in conclusion, Kingdom of Animalia could not be doing what it is doing without the helps of regular people.

How You Can Help:

Join the Good Wood Campaign Today!

Pledge to only buy paper products marked by the FSC label to conserve all lemur species.

Sign the Petition to Keep Oil Exploration out of the Arctic

Sign the petition in order to save the Arctic from Oil Drilling.

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