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Why We Do What We Do

Part of Kingdom of Animalia's mission is to conserve and ensure the survival of habitats and priority places. By doing this, we are making sure not only plants, wildlife, and habitats are under protection, but also the people in and out of the region. Join Kingdom of Animalia and save our fading habitats.


Kingdom of Animalia: Conserving Our Natural Habitats

Kingdom of Animalia has recognized the three most important threats to habitats- Deforestation, Climate Change, and Pollution. We are working to eliminate these threats and save habitats while doing it. 

Project Lemur and The Good Wood Campaign

Project Lemur was originally founded to save the few remaining lemur species of Madagascar. It first developed around another campaign known as the, "Good Wood Campaign," which was founded some time after Project Lemur. The Good Wood Campaign's mission was to raise awareness of deforestation in Madagascar. Project Lemur and the Good Wood Campaign eventually joined together to save the forests of Madagascar and save Lemurs in the process of it. You can join the Good Wood Campaign, too, by buying paper products marked only by the FSC label. 

From Left to Right: Forests, Oceans, Deserts, Grasslands, Polar Regions, Mountains, Freshwaters, and Wetlands.

How You Can Help:

Join the Good Wood Campaign Today!

Join Kingdom of Animalia and only use paper products marked by the FSC label.

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