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Kingdom of Animalia's mission is to protect our planet-and that's exactly what these projects and campaigns do. All the way from the African plains inhabited by Lions, to Eastern Asia, protecting the rare Giant Panda, our projects/campaigns are working for a better planet...

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Gazprom: Release the Arctic 30

The Arctic is a place like no other. Unlike the common myth, the Arctic holds a variety of plant species and wildlife. However, Shell and Gazprom want to begin oil drilling in the Arctic. And because of this, 28 activists and 2 journalists there to report the story have just been arrested. Why? For peacefully protesting...


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Breast Cancer Awareness Month for Rhinos

Date: Oct. 12, 2013

Type: Campaign

Experts: Ayat Faragalla, Khalid Mohieldin

For Breast Cancer Awareness Month for 2013, Kingdom of Animalia decided to help out people in Asia, especially in Vietnam, who were fighting breast and other types of cancer. But Kingdom of Animalia also set up the campaign to help prevent the rhino horn trade in Asia-as it is believed to cure cancer in Vietnam. By helping out Vietnam with funding and research, Kingdom of Animalia hopes to save victims of breast cancer and illegal wildlife trade.

CDV, Canine Distemper Virus

Date: Sep. 18, 2013

Type: Campaign

Experts: Ayat Faragalla, Spencer Stice, Zachary Berrenbaum, Kaya Perkins, Sophia Pottenburg, Khalid Mohieldin

Founded Sep. 18, 2013, the CDV Campaign was originally organized to help the wild and endangered species infected with CDV, Canine Distemper Virus. Kingdom of Animalia originally began work on the Tiger, then later the Lions of Serengeti, until it developed around the majority of CDV infected species (such as Tigers, Lions, Ferrets, etc.).

Ebola Virus Campaign

Date: Aug. 22, 2013

Type: Campaign

Experts: Ayat Faragalla, Hannah Yoon, Khalid Mohieldin

Founded Aug. 22, 2013, the Ebola Virus Campaign was created to help the primates/great apes that suffer from Ebola- an extremely contagious and often fatal disease. The Ebola Virus Campaign was also the first campaign that Ayat Faragalla- Kingdom of Animalia's first Doctor- worked with. The species affected by Ebola include the Gorilla, Chimpanzee, Bonobo, and Red Colobus Monkey. Its aim is to prevent Ebola from both wildlife and people.

The "Good Wood" Campaign

Date: Aug, 20, 2013

Type: Campaign

Experts: Hannah Yoon, Khalid Mohieldin

The "Good Wood" Campaign was originally founded in co-operation with Project Lemur. While Project Lemur  helps wildlife, habitats, and people, the Good Wood Campaign's key focus is on habitats. Its mission is to raise awareness for the remainder of Madagascar's forests. By pledging to buy and buy only "Good Wood" (paper products marked by the FSC label), this contributes to Madagascar's forests. 

Panda Population Studies

Date: Aug. 23, 2013

Type: Campaign

Experts: Erdenebulgan Gelegbalsan, Grace McKinney, Khalid Mohieldin 

As the name suggests, the Panda Population Studies is a campaign that aims to find the true populations of wild pandas. It began in late August, but had huge grief in the following month of September. Though Kingdom of Animalia found a much closer estimate (1600 was the previous estimate of 2004)- 1067. This proves that the panda population may be decreasing. 

Project African Lion

Date: July 21, 2013

Type: Project

Experts: Kaya Perkins, Spencer Stice, Zachary Berrenbaum, Khalid Mohieldin

Project African Lion was Kingdom of Animalia's first official project, founded July 21, 2013. Because African Lions are regionally extinct in some 15 different African countries, Kingdom of Animalia began a re-introduction to plan. However, Project African Lion began with studies of the lions' past and present habitat, temperature, and local species. This information is used to find whether or not these lions would be able to survive in these areas. Some information collected includes lion prey, competing predators (such as some well-known African canines), and average temperature.

Project Gray Wolf

Date: Aug. 2, 2013

Type: Project

Experts: Spencer Stice, Zachary Berrenbaum, Khalid Mohieldin

Project Gray Wolf was set up when the Gray Wolf was threatened to be de-listed (taken of the Endangered Species List). Project Gray Wolf's aim is to learn more about the intelligence and communication of the wolf- to learn and to teach whether or not the wolf is threatening to attack, or feeling threatened. This information helps farmers and livestock-managers how to ward off (without harming) the wolves.

Project Lemur

Date: Aug. 20, 2013

Type: Project

Experts: Hannah Yoon, Khalid Mohieldin

Project Lemur, founded Aug. 20, 2013, was originally founded when a new study by primatologists showed that lemurs were to go extinct in the next twenty years unless drastic measures are taken. All lemur species are included in Project Lemur, as them being the most endangered mammal species at the time. Project Lemur also created a partnership with The "Good Wood" Campaign to prevent the enormous amounts of logging in Madagascar. Project Lemur also fights Political Instability in the region, and hunting of Lemurs as well.