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Be The Voice For Those Who Have No Voice...

Kingdom of Animalia's mission is to ensure survival for all species-including humans. However, this cannot be accomplished without the help of others-partnering businesses, governmental funds, but most importantly-people like you. If you could just reach out to save a life, that would be greatly appreciated-and its not costly, too. With a just a few simple clicks, you could save an entire region from a huge disaster, or help a polar bear family survive harsh times. Whatever the cause, it will have an impact on our planet, and on you.

Kingdom of Animalia's first contest was Best Caring Animal Mother, to go along with Mother's Day. The Gray Wolf won by a landslide, which encouraged more protection of wolves. This eventually leaded to Project Gray Wolf (See: Projects). And this all happened after just a couple of voices spoke up.This is just one of the major successes we've had, thanks to people like you.


Declare the Arctic to be left Oil-Free 

Release the Arctic from 7 Years in Prison

Save Virunga National Park From Oil Drilling

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