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6 Tons of Ivory Seized by the U.S. Government.

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What Kingdom of Animalia is Doing:

The Good Wood Campaign and Project Lemur:

Project Lemur was created as Kingdom of Animalia's third official project. It works to tackle 3 different threats: Deforestation, Poaching, and Political Instability. The Good Wood Campaign- associated with Project Lemur- plans to spread awareness of the tons of trees cut down in Madagascar each year. What Kingdom of Animalia wants to do with The Good Wood Campaign is let people know the rise of logging in Madagascar. By buying paper products labeled by FSC, you are making sure that lemurs are able to have homes in the wild- where they belong. The Good Wood Campaign also helps another number of species in not only Madagascar but in all parts of the world. Project Lemur also tries to tackle Political Instability in Madagascar and decline the number of poaching of Lemurs in Madagascar.

Saving Virunga:

Virunga National Park is Africa's first National Park- one National Park that Kingdom of Animalia fights to ensure survival for. However, Oil Drilling in Virunga threatens to destroy the park, its wildlife, and its people. Kingdom of Animalia recently began a petition to save Virunga from Oil Drilling, 200+ signatures needed. Put your signature, and save Africa's Oldest National Park from Oil Drilling (See:

Political Instability and Disease:

One part of Political Instability is Disease. Because in developing countries with weaker governments, disease is easy to spread out, and usually are very hard to prevent. One example is the Ebola Virus. The Ebola Virus is an often fatal disease that burns the intestines from inside-out in the bodies of both Humans, Gorillas, Chimpanzees, and the Red Colobus Monkey. Kingdom of Animalia works with Doctor and Pathologist Ayat Faragalla to prevent the Ebola Virus in places like Uganda, and DRC. This helps to prevent disease in both humans and primates.

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Our Mission:

Kingdom of Animalia is fighting to ensure the survival of both wildlife and the environment. Humans, ourselves, are also part of the environment. Therefore, the impacts that leave our planet healthy, will also leave us healthy. But Environmental Threats are changing the planet more rapidly than it ever was before. This is causing the decline of species and habitats. But together, we can fight for a Healthy Planet.

Links and Pages:

Gazprom: Release the Arctic 30

The Arctic is a place like no other. Unlike the common myth, the Arctic holds a variety of plant species and wildlife. However, Shell and Gazprom want to begin oil drilling in the Arctic. And because of this, 28 activists and 2 journalists there to report the story have just been arrested. Why? For peacefully protesting...

Environmental Threats: 

Climate Change:
Climate Change is the heating of Earth's atmosphere, causing arctic sea ice to melt and sea levels to rise. This has caused some bad impacts on coastal regions and areas. It has also caused ice caps to melt and a larger risk of natural disasters such as hurricanes and floods. Arctic species such as Polar Bears and Penguins will have harder times swimming vast seas due to the lack of resting ice. The main causes for Climate Change are Greenhouse Gases (a gas from fossil fuels that traps the sun's heat into Earth's atmosphere), Fossil Fuels, and Deforestation. However, Climate Change can be reduced easily just by cutting down on use of fossil fuels and using alternative energy.


Forests cover about 31% of our land. Many endangered plant and wildlife species are found in forests, as well as local people and communities. Forests have many benefits, such as oxygen providence, absorbing of Carbon Dioxide, shelter, food, and traditional medicine. However, Deforestation, the destruction of trees and habitats, is growing more rapidly than it ever was before. About 17% of the Amazon has been cut down in the past 50 years for wood and cattle ranching. Roads and highway construction often interferes with forests and their species. An estimated of 46-58 million square miles of forest are lost each year-equivalent to 36 football fields every minute. Because of Deforestation, many benefits have been cut down,  just like our vanishing forests. 


Pollution is an ongoing threat to species, plants, and people, too. Pollution affects all three habitats of Earth-Bodies of water, land, and air. On-going air pollution can cause disease that could infect the brain, heart, or lungs, such as lung cancer. Over 1 billion people cannot access clean water due to droughts and water pollution. Because of water pollution, freshwater sites can be badly polluted and lead to unhealthy drinks and beverages. And land pollution causes wildlife species much harm, as well as humans. By cutting down your use of fossil fuels and using alternative energy helps to create a healthier planet.


Overfishing and Bycatch can often interfere with one another. Because of the high demand for fish and fishing, many times species such as Marine Turtles, Dolphins, Sharks, and Whales get incidentally caught up in the fishing nets. Larger fishing nets meant to catch an abundant amount of fish can often catch un-targeted species, too. When the net is hauled out to land, the un-targeted species are often found dead or dying. Longlines-large fishing nets that trap many marine species-are often found with unwanted species seriously injured or killed. However, there are easier and more in-expensive ways to fish without harming other marine species. "Circle hooks" and other fishing gear is less likely to affect other marine species.

Political Instability/Civil Unrest:

In developing countries, Political Instability is a reducing problem. Political Instability occurs when the government is poorly managed, causing people to destroy forests and hunt to survive. However, Political Instability is still a major problem in some nations and countries. People in Madagascar are forced to hunt and cut down large amounts of trees as a way of life. Also, Civil Unrest, the on-going problem of fighting and wars. Places like Dindler National Park of Sudan and Virunga of DRC (Democratic Republic of the Congo) have been severely affected due to Civil Unrest. And in addition, Civil Unrest and Political Instability have led to major population decreases over time. Wars and fighting in the Virunga area has led to Mountain Gorilla population declines; Lantoto was once a beautiful and stunning park until massive fighting began and wiped out a large population; and Political Instability has led to great poverty in Madagascar.

Illegal Wildlife Trade:

Illegal Wildlife Trade is among the top 5 most illicit trades in the world-making poachers 7.8-10 billion dollars. While many illegal products are obvious (such as Rhino horns and Elephant tusks), some many other species are sold for food, furniture, and pets. And, Illegal Wildlife Trade happens monthly-almost every other week. Due to high demand for tiger skins and bones, as few as 3200 tigers remain, Rhino poaching in South Africa has increased by 5000% from 2007 to 2012, and ivory demand in Asia has increased highly over the years, causing tens of thousands of Elephants to be killed yearly. By pledging to not buy illegal wildlife products, you are making sure these species can survive.


As the name suggests, Overfishing is the un-balanced fishing of fish. Because of lack of sustainable fishing, Overfishing occurs weekly. When too much fish is captured and sold for food, often, the reproductive rate can't catch up, causing large population decreases. Overfishing also has huge impacts on not only ocean biodiversity, but also coastal regions and their way of life. Fish is a natural protein source for many people, and fishing is just another way of life-that can be done without the need for Pirate Fishing-unsustainable fishing on a massive scale. Buying sea-food made from sustainable products does help the marine biodiversity in many different ways. You are also helping coastal regions, as well as people whom depend on fish.

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